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Another one for identification

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Bit puzzled about this one. Very fine cane setting. Unusually high centre to canes. My comparisons have led me to a possibile maker, but what do others think?


Could it be an unsigned Jim Brown?

Or perhaps a very, very, very good Murano? But somehow I don't think so!

The general design is, of course [for those that know!], seen in some American Gillender weights ... large central ruffle-type cane, concentric "carpet" of white canes and outer row of colour canes. But I don't think the central or white canes are right for Gillender.

Kevin, Simone - thanks for the input. It is a very difficult one. I had not seen anything with such a high centre to the canes apart from St Louis where some modern examples have the same height to them.  
Also, this is one of a pair. The other is a perfect match.
Any further thoughts from anybody appreciated.


--- Quote ---Also, this is one of a pair. The other is a perfect match.
--- End quote ---
:shock: That is very unusual :shock:


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