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Wiedmann(?) vase and bowl. New info suggests Polish?

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Found this set of vase and bowl, and (apart from showing) wanted to ask if there is more information available in the meantime.
Dirk? ;D

In this >> Link they cite a Wiedmann exhibition catalogue, but funnily no maker is mentioned.
Both pieces are beautifully finished with flat highly polished bases and rim (vase), the vase has remains of a sticker (might be a label, or just a prize tag?); I attach a pic, maybe it can help in attribution?

Thanks for looking,

Lovely find, Michael! Iīd be greenest green if I hadnīt both of them already ...  ;D
Especially the 3d-effect of this decor is quite stunning, innit?
Unfortunately I donīt have the Wiedmann exhibition catalogue mentioned - itīs
on my wishlist for years now, but there doesnīt seem to be any copy available.
This decor however is quite close to the Fumaris range apart from the fact that
these additionally have a silver-nitrate decor to the outer surface.
Iīd say there is a very high likeliness this also is a Wiedmann decor.


--- Quote from: dirk. on September 01, 2012, 02:35:44 PM ---Lovely find, Michael! Iīd be greenest green if I hadnīt both of them already ...  ;D
--- End quote ---

I know ;D Guess in whose gallery I have admired these in the past. The thick clear casing really gives a nice effect...
BTW, I adore your new Gralglas pieces :mrgreen:
>> Link to another one of the vases: they cite the same catalogue, and attribute the vase to Gralglas around 1980.
I had a look through the Gralglas CD-rom, and I could not find the shape of either the vase or the bowl; on the other hand they don't seem to be "Unikate", or else one of them should appear with a signature I guess.


Anik R:
Ooooooooo... lovely!

I wouldnīt worry too much about not finding them in the book, Michael.
There are other Gralglas items you canīt find there either. Unfortunately
my CD is missing since my move... Wonder when and where it will
resurface...  ::)


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