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Two cute birds - Made in China

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I have these two birds, think they are same maker as they look alike - one has brown, red, blue and white striations the other lemon yellow and white - not marked but both have remnants of an oval paper label - My thinking is Murano but posting to see if anyone has ideas, both 2.5" high.

Thanks Adam

flying free:
I believe they might be Chinese Adam.

Ah, now when I look more closely the quality isn't there? They were quite cheap, are the labels generic or can we pin a factory down.


There's something dinging me memory that these were sold by one of the charity shops as new a couple of years ago...  labelled as Chinese... anyone else remember them?

Labels mean next to nothing anymore when it comes to Murano/Chinese...not since 11 to 14 milion glass objects were found (number depends on which report you read) in Venice warehouses 5 years ago that carried Murano labels in Chinese shipping crates. Since that time here in the U.S. even good Murano prices have plunged significantly. Currently we are now dealing with Deco McKee nude triangular vase repros coming from China in Jadeite & Black. Ken


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