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Two cute birds - Made in China

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--- Quote from: MuranoArtGlassChandeliers on September 21, 2012, 10:37:27 AM ---  I am contstantly bombarded by the Chinese trying to get our business to sell Chinese knock-offs and I won't touch them with a barge bowl.  If collectors wish to go this way, that is of course their choice.


--- End quote ---

The term is 'I Wouldn't touch it with a Barge Pole'  that being a long pole used to push barges along the canals... I think they use them in Venice... the idea being that something of that length would not sully your hands. I have no idea what a Barge Bowl is, unless Patrick Hogan can enlighten us all ;)

Good glass is, quite rightly, good glass, and some things are inexpensive and delightful. A sharp contrast to myKomaromy and the Scandinavian collections, my favourite glass of all.

Incidentally, these sweet little birds were never sold as imitations of Murano glass, they were always labelled as Made in China... it is the sellers on eBay who take the labels off and swear blind they are Murano.  I have even seen them with Wedgwood dremmelled on the base and Mdina, so please be a little kinder to these Chinese workers who are producing affordable little birds for collectors who maybe cannot afford some of the expensive and often overpriced pieces of glass from Murano, or who are just starting out a glass collection. :)

Nice to see a seller not afraid to sell these for what they are: :)

Incidently. The seller charged me a few pounds and did not profess to know the origin as the labels were washed off.


Hi Adam,  yes, it is fine when they are just sold as Art Glass and reasonably priced, my gripe is with the sellers who swear blind they are some expensive make and hope that people who know little about glass believe them and pay a lot of money for them.
But the Chinese have never tried to sell these as being Murano, they are clearly labelled and Dean's comments are not appropriate in this case.

I am not familair with much Chinese glass, but I am sure there must be some with individuality and merit. I used to think Japanese glass was all bad copies until I stumbled on Sasaki from the 70s and other good makers. Some Chinese glass may be the kiss of death, on the other hand I look on that being sold in some charity shops and its actually not that bad, quite good in fact, the paperweights can be really nice.

Thanks Adam


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