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Two cute birds - Made in China

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I think you have summed that up perfectly Adam... there is good and bad glass by all makers from all countries... Oh and Sasaki!  Lovely glass! I have a water set to die for made by them.  :)

Oh well perhaps i should get my ten sasaski deco glasses out of the attic/loft and list them . :D ;D
Isaw a lesser spotted Kev H at Cambrige but he had his headphones on looked almost human  ;) sorry Kev couldnt resist it after what you said , verbatim wasnt it !!!!! must look it up . :D

If they are the 'Bamboo' pattern, I bags them first JP!!

Oh beggar beggar beggar.; I bought chinese bird.

Can we see what you bought then know I like Chinese birdies?  :)


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