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The recent discovery of the Moncrieff Glassworks company records (9 boxes) housed in Perth A.K. Bell library has opened up a whole new avenue of research into the history of Moncrieff Glassworks.
I visited the library last week just too see what material they had pertaining to Moncrieff’s, the one document that drew my attention was the Employees ledger. The information give in this document now requires an update of the chronologically order of the dates in reference to the Ysart’s employment dates at Moncrieff’s.
Below is the layout of the works ledger, I have only used names that had connection to Monart. All the writing was done with pen and ink apart from Paul's leaving date (6/4/62) which is in biro, every employee signed their own name in the ledger.

The first update is the date that Salvador, Paul and Augustine started at Moncrieff, up to now it was believed it was 1922. It should also be noted that Augustine started in 1921 and went along with Paul to one of the Shore Road buildings that Moncrieff’s had in the harbour area in Perth. Both came back to the main factory at St Catherine Road after a year at Shore Road, to what I presume, was making laboratory glass (job Lab).
Vincent started in 25/12/22 straight from school and began work in the Hendries Dept. Antoine also went from school to Moncrieff and started as a message boy.
A couple of interesting asides was to find out that Paul’s son also worked at Moncrieff as a carrier in 1938 and to see that Jesus Braso signed his name Joseph the ledger.

                                                                   NAME & ADDRESS                                  DATE                                WORKS
 NAME                       ADDRESS                     OF LAST EMPLOYER         D.O.B               STARTED          JOB          NUMBER

Salvador Ysart       1 Lickley street                                                       30/1/1878       15/2/21       BLOWER          215
Paul Ysart              1 Lickley Street                   left 6/4/62                    7/6/1904         15/2/21                             243
Augustine Ysart     1 Lickley Street                                                        9/5/1906         15/2/1921   CARRIER         302

Further down on same page
Salavador Ysart     c/o 4 St Katherine Court                                          30/1/1878       1/2/1922      BLOWER          205

Next page
Paul Ysart            Cross Street                         From Shore                    7/6/1904        29/8/1922     Lab               206
Augustine Ysart    Cross Street                         From Shore                    9/5/1906        29/8/1922     Lab               255
Further down on same page
Vincent Ysart        Cross Street                         School                           1/1/1909        25/12/1922  Hendries        164
Few pages on (1925)
Antoine Ysart       Cross Street                          School                           11/5/1911      9/7/1925     Message        143
Few pages on (1938)
Paul Ysart (junior)  Eden Bank                                                                 22/5/1924     11/7/1938      Carrier         220
                             Abbey Road

Next page (1939)
Joseph Braso                                                                                                                 28/12/1939                    214
Not sure where this should been posted here in British Glass or in Glass Archives.

Here is fine Gary, thank you. What a great discovery too!

Made a typo error the date that Salvador, Paul and Augustine started at Moncrieff's should read 15/2/21 and not 15/12/21.
Anne is it possible to amend my original post to suit correct date.

Done for you as requested Gary. :)

Thanks Anne, it was important to get that date correct.


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