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Possible Georges Briard item?

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I have a set of glasses listed for which I don't know the maker. A member has suggested they might be Georges Briard. Doesn't anybody out there know? It's item 7396126899. Thanks.


Beth I looked at your item and they are nice. I also looked in Pina's book "Designed & Signed 50 & 60s glass, ceramics, and enamel wares. I did not find this particular design. If you look very carefully around the deisign, usually there is a signature. Briard was not the only designer of this style so it could be by someone else. Hope this helps a little Terry

It should be signed if it is Georges Briard.

Connie and Terry, thanks for responding. I've looked all over the glass with a magnifier and can't see a signature. It's such a shame, because they are so beautiful, yet they aren't selling.   :cry:

there will not be a signature, Briard never went anywhere close to them. The design of "arab" polo players is actually a traditional Persian motif, and the shape is persian tea glasses. I vote factory made persian bazaar tea glasses with screened decoration.


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