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Possible Georges Briard item?

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Ivo -

When Terry and I talk about the item being signed, we don't mean that Georges Briard actually signed them  :lol:  At least what I meant was that the glasses would have Georges Briard as part of the design or screen printed on them like these Fred Press glasses.

I don't have any Georges Briard glasses at the moment, but the Fred Press are of the same era and style.

Also the game is probably Cho-gan which was a precursor to what we know as Polo.

I have pendant with similar decoration, hence I looked up the history of the game


Amazing the infomation yu acquire in this business  :lol:


I checked out the Fred Press items you pointed me to. They in fact look a lot like my glasses, stylewise at least. Can you recommend a good reference book for this genre of glass but not specific to a particular maker? I have a bunch of depression and elegant glass reference books, but nothing about this kind of art glass.

Again, thank you for all this info!


Beth - I would recommend the same book that Terry mentioned in this thread earlier - Designed and Signed by Leslie Pina.


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