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Internally decorated 'Jade'glass bowls - ID = Daum


flying free:
I bought these on spec, unsigned.  They are gorgeous - I'm  delighted with them regardless of who made them.
Although they are both the same size, the blue is heavier than the orange and this seems to be because it has more layers of glass.  It looks as though it was a clear rolled in powder/frit blue, then a clear with the dark blue and also orange which is seen more in the base, then a clear with the gold leaf then a final cased clear layer...I think.  The orange is just clear with orange powder/frit , then clear with the gold leaf, then cased in clear.
They both have large polished pontil marks on the base.  The blue has lots of old wear, the orange has only a little wear right on the edge of the pontil mark. They measure 5.8cm high and the orange is slightly wider than the blue at 11cm with the blue 10.8cm diameter.

I'm aware that most Daum is signed. But if they aren't Daum then who might have made them? Muller Freres? Delatte? I'm pretty sure they are 20's pieces.  There are lots of tiny bubbles in them and also teeny specs of black bits. 
Any help much appreciated  :) and thanks.

flying free:
few more pics

Mike M:

These are 100% Daum those colour combinations are unique to Daum -special give away the flecks or orange in the bottom of the blue one. Also classic Daum shapes.

For some reason the early 'Jades' c1918 are occasionally not signed, bowls and boxes especially. Many have had signatures added later sadly. -these signatures should be cut hot, not scratched.

I saw them and hesitated- so lucky you!


flying free:
 :-* thank you so much....and thank you for not bidding against me  :o  I was very very lucky then  :)  I just love them and I'm so pleased to have them.


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