Author Topic: Henry Greener comports with ‘peculiar’ date lozenge  (Read 828 times)

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Henry Greener comports with ‘peculiar’ date lozenge
« on: May 22, 2013, 07:36:16 PM »
Two examples of a similar small comport or pedestal bowl, one in purpley-blue slag glass and the other in opaque white glass, by Henry Greener, Sunderland. Both have the Greener 1875-1885 ‘demi-lion with star in paws’ trademark to the underside plus what appears at first sight to be a standard registry date lozenge. On both pieces, however, the identifying letters of digits inside the angles read O-X-A-Y, a meaningless combination for a registration date  - the X is the date letter for 1880, A the month letter for December, but the O and theY should both be digits rather than letters.

The only Henry Greener registration in December 1880 was for RD number 35961 on 8 December, a tankard for E. Hanlan , the oarsman.

Do any other GMB members have an example of this Greener comport? If so, do they bear this anomolous date lozenge or a ‘normal’ date lozenge?

If a ‘normal’ date lozenge, what date is it for, please?

I know that there have been other posts on GMB about pieces with strange or untranslateable date lozenges, but none seem to match this peculiar Greener lozenge.


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