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Breaking News Nailsea / Bristol hat found in charity shop in Bristol for 1.50

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Well folks, just once in a very blue moon it is still possible to find Nailsea / Bristol glass in the Bristol area going for a song.  If I sell it (still undecided) I will donate a percentage to the charity concerned. There may have been fakes made of these at some point in time but I really do think this is a genuine example. I thought I would post as many photos as possible to show the detail . You can see the rim has a fold on one side and not on the other.....a real frigger if ever there was one ....a glassblower finding their feet . The pontil scar has been heat treated . It's such a rare find these days I just had to share it with you all .  :D

Lovely, thanks.
That is a hat with personality and a half!

even more photos .......

Last shot of the fire polished base......

Cheers sure is  :o .....I'm so chuffed-to-bits ...found it today and I'm still recovering !


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