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Breaking News Nailsea / Bristol hat found in charity shop in Bristol for 1.50

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flying free:
Paul,   I must have passed them hundreds of times and still think they are magnificent every single time.  Mind you we live surrounded by Druid lore and the Tor (again a beautiful view, especially from miles away up on the hills) is within eyesight in a few minutes so I guess it's just what you are used to  :)
Having grown up at Pendle, with the Lancashire witches as a very big part of my childhood, and where visiting Demdyke and Nutter's graves was considered a special day out, I feel quite comfortable with the Stones  ;D

Paul S.:
yes, I'd agree that distance lends beauty to the eye, and quite true that images like the Tor and Henge when viewed as silhouettes on a sky line do have an appeal.      I've nothing against Somerset by the way :) - used to go fishing on the 'levels' as a lad.

Re Nailsea -  there's a lot of poignancy we tend to overlook in these early manufacturing processes - was just thinking of the child labour of which Vincent speaks........11 and 12 year olds working twelve hour shifts holding shovels at the furnaces to shield the gatherers - with shift work obligatory and Sunday off if you were lucky.         But do notice they had pc even in the mid C19 - apparently if you were illiterate you were described as a 'non-reader', so I shall view my hat and 'cello with more reverence.       

flying free:
On one of the links I gave there is a long section on Social impact that has quite a lot of information in it regarding this.

flying free:
I wasn't sure where to put this but it contains some information on  Glasshouses in Bristol in the 17th and 18th century

and more


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