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Gunnel Nyman attracts attention

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I don't know if anybody else has been watching the Gunnel Nyman Serpentine vase on Bukowskis auction site.  It is an early one, signed with acid, but it has bad water staining.  I entertained the fantasy of putting in a bid when they estimated the sale price pretty low, but the bidding has already doubled the estimate with six more days to go, even with the water stain.  It's more than 16 inches tall too, a very nice piece.  I wonder what the final number will be.

Well, we can always dream...

I'm guessing quite a lot more.

I think you're right.  Here is the auction:

Maybe the estimate was so low because of the condition.  It's at about 1300 Euros with three days left.  These were in production for 10 years, I think, you'd think they'd be a little more common, but I guess not.

Water staining is a very easy and very cheap restoration - it tends not to dent the value of coveted pieces all that very much.

How is it done?  I had looked into the system that is used for cleaning antique bottle interiors here in the States, using a tumbling system with a polishing compound and copper wire bits or glass beads.  But the system is kind of elaborate.  Is this the kind of method you are talking about?  I've seen some pretty nice glass go by with bad water staining and its usually pretty cheap as a result, but something like this Nyman piece is in another price universe (as we are seeing).



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