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Gunnel Nyman attracts attention

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There were a couple of spectacular Nyman pieces in Bukowski's spring B&M auction, done before her involvement with Nuutajärvi, for Karhula and Riihimaen respectively—with prices to match!!!

Oh my, not too shabby...

What a lovely pair, thanks for that, I hadn't seen them.

A little rich for my blood, but very beautiful examples of her earlier work.

I've seen a number of what were to me pretty good bargains on Bukowskis, but the shipping from Sweden is severe ($400 for a piece of glass).  This is using an art shipping service, but still, the price is brutal.  And of course I see all kinds of stuff there that we rarely see here at all.


--- Quote from: gfirob on September 14, 2012, 02:36:50 PM ---How is it done?

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There are a fair few threads on here about removing staining yourself with only the minimal amount of equipment and outlay (essentially, a sponge on a stick with a cerium oxide slurry close to hand), but for the occasional restoration you'd probably be better off going to a restorer and having them do it for just a few £ / €.


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