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another Oiva Toikka Nuttajarvi Bird Date Please? .....



I found this Bird in the house of my Grandma, can anybody tell me
what this  for a Bird is??
And how much it today costs?

Somebody want to give me 300 Euros, is that Ok?

It has a limitation you can see above...

Please tell me something!!

Thanks a lot


Sorry for my English.....


Hi aceberg,
Welcome and don't worry, your English is fine. :)

Here is a site that maybe of help in identifying what your bird is;

If it is not there, maybe you could email them with a photo and ask if they can help.
As Simone said, it can sometimes take a few days, or maybe longer, before the right person comes along.

If anyone on the board does know, they will share the information with you.

Aceberg, I think the signature on the bottom of yours is telling you this is one of a limited edition bird. It looks like there were only 3000 of this bird made and you have number 292.

Checking the link that Della gave yours looks very like the Tern Rayska, produced 1988-1992. (1st bird on the 6th row on - hold your mouse over the image for a pop up box telling you about this bird.)

Have a look and see what you think. Hope this helps a little more.

Hello at all

First sorry for my impatiently .....

Im a german man, and don´t want to sell here the Bird..
I only want a conception about the price and the worth from the Bird for collectors...

I´think heres the Right Place!

The Link from designed in finland ist Great ! Thanks!

I´ve searched a long Time in the internet and found very few results which would help me.

Now i will write an eMail to them.

I also wright an eMail to Iittala but they didn´t answered.

Thank you all !!

Great Forum and People!!


räyskä was produced 1988-1992 in 3000 numbered copies; the size is 15cm x 29 cm. Trading at E 269 - so I suggest you take up the offer of 300.


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