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Orange & black tango glass dressing table set

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Those could be completely different animals; they look like Walsh Walsh's Primrose, which is yellow uranium glass over white. Needs checking with a UV light. I also have the feeling they are in Hajdamach's second book on one of the catalogue pages.

I'm not sure where this thread is going because now we have three very different examples.

Thank you for the Walsh Walsh reference, Christine - I simply assumed that the set was a variant on the other ‘French’ sets.

Walsh Walsh’s Primrose glass advert from the Pottery Gazette of February 1923 is, as you say, in Hajdamch’s ‘20th Century Glass’, plate 246 in the top left corner of page 135. The top row of the illustration does indeed show a trinket set (the pattern number is difficult to read - is it A3111?) with similar pieces in primrose glass cased on white,

However, the tray in the Walsh Walsh set is shown with the white body exposed on the interior surface, whereas the one I show has the transparent casing over the whole piece. Also, the photos give the impression of more of a citrine colour rather than ‘primrose’ as I envisage it.

I will try contacting the owner again to see how the pieces react to UV light, and to see just how ‘primrose’ the colour appears in reality.

Are there any other GMB members able to offer their expert opinion as to whether this cased set is really Walsh Walsh Primrose glass?

I originally thought that the thread was simply showing the diversity of European orange glass trinket sets, with some interesting addiional variants on colour by Dirk., but the potential Walsh Walsh connection might take it in quite a different direction, which may eventually deserve splitting off as a thread on its own.

It looks pretty primrosey to me. And the reality doesn't always match the advert...

I'm confident the yellow ones are Walsh, having looked at the advert. I wonder how much of the items in the advert actually went into production, as Primrose is pretty hard to find.

I have a copy of the JWW advert showing the primrose set shapes...


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