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Orange & black tango glass dressing table set

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Aren't they striking?! Lovely to see these, thanks Fred. :)

Now a 10-piece set, this time with added enamelled decoration.

(Permission for the re-use of the images on ebay granted by selma-2007).

That looks Bohemian but it's a pale imitation of the other one; wishy washy orange and black enamelling not black glass

Here´s the first set in a really gorgeous colourway:

In all the above sets the glass seems to be solid (uncased).

Here is a (presumably part) set with pieces of similar shape, but the tray, comb or pin tray, lidded pot and perfume flask are of cased glass, with a transparent honey-coloured outer layer over an opaque white body producing an attractive yellowish-amber or citrine appearance.

(Permission for the re-use of these images granted by robanne1047).


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