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Alsterfors, Ryd?

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Just bought - lovely hooped vase in bright orange - 8" high cased to inside in white - Could it be Alsterfors or maybe Ryd, or other factory.

Thanks Adam

Ryd, the proportions are a little different from the Alsterfors vases. The hoops are a bit big and they start higher up the vase.
Blue Ryd, Orange Alsterfors in this photo for comparison.


Then again, maybe not. ???

It looks more like the Alsterfors now.

The hoops seem a bit rounder than the Alsterfors. The rim on mine is hot worked, I don't know if the rim on the Alsterfors is, or is it polished. I have two P Strom vases and they have thick walls with good casing. The walls on this are quite thin. However I know what you mean, it looks somewhere in between your two examples, so could it even be another company?


The Alsterfors vase had a rim that was ground and polished, it was thick walled. The Ryd versions come in at least two sizes, cased and uncased but much thinner glass and with a fire polished rim.

Those two vases in my photo were not the same height but hopefully the difference in proportions is useful. Given that the Ryd ones were made in different sizes I am back to thinking yours is one of them, that pale blue one in the photo was a bit taller at 11 or 12 inches (about 30cm).



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