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St. Louis Posy - antique, vintage, contemporary or ??


This is a weight Dad bought at Parke-Bernet in 1968.  
Parke-Bernet described it simply as "A FACETED ST. LOUIS POSY WEIGHT".

They didn't discuss age, which of course they never did in their catalogs.  That would be a dumb thing to do in case they turned out to be wrong.

Anyway, since my 1847 Baccarat is now sold I've decided it's time to put another star (at least I think it is) of the collection up for auction.

What I'd like to know is the age:  antique, vintage or what?

The weight has 5 large facets on the side, 7 smaller ones near the top and of course the single on top.  It's over 3 inches.

The glass has a fairly good amount of tiny tiny bubbles (which look in my photos like surface damage - tain't so) and there are some striations above the posy.

Opinions, please.

It's very nice, although these posies don't bring as much as dated Baccarats or good quality Clichys.

It's antique, 1850-1870. I sold one almost the same in January. :D

I will be putting another Clichy up someday, but I had more St. Louis than Clichy, so I'm trying to keep the universe in balance. :lol:

Besides, the Clichy I have, and another that my wife wants to keep, are nowhere near the sheer beauty of the one I auctioned last week.


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