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Crystal block sculpture of man's head acid etched mark - ID = Eric Hoglund

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I bought this in Amsterdam this week. It is a heavy chunk of crystal , weighs 1323kg and looks to be Scandinavian perhaps? It measures 4 " high and 3" across. Acid etched mark looks like B & H. y026 but difficult to read so probably not exact. The head looks a little like a Picasso style face. Large nose and triangular features.
I can't get my photos small enough to feature here - will keep trying.
I would like to know who made it!

Hello and welcome! I'm sure somebody will be able to help with this, you'll just have to wait until the right person comes along though.
An image of the mark would help no end.

To capture it on camera, take a tiny amount of talcum powder, (or fine flour) and apply it to the mark, wiping off the excess gently. Some white powder will stick in the etched bits and bring it right up.
Photographing it, at a slight angle (to cut down reflection) against a dark background will hopefully, produce something somebody will recognise.
Nice thing, I'd agree, Scandi-ish.

Looks like a Höglund head?

I was suspecting it might be Hoglund, but was too scared to say it first.
I'll send John here for a peek. :)


--- Quote from: Ivo on September 16, 2012, 01:39:49 PM ---Looks like a Höglund head?

--- End quote ---

Thank you I shall have a look and Google it!


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