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Ivo's book states that Lars Kjellander was an engraver/designer for Kosta from 1881-1925.  Where did he go after he left Kosta?  Did he set up his own shop/glassworks?

I bought this very nice engraved perfume



Silver Made in Sweden Label

Signed on bottom  Reads Kjellander #392-702 Made in Sweden

On the internet I can find other examples of his work, most are attributed to the 1940s.  Like this one:

Vase on eBay

The Kjellander family/ company has been in the engraving business since the 18th century; Lars worked for Kosta and also trained engravers at Orrefors. The engraving workshop operated throughout the 20th century - I'm not cure of its present status.

Bill G:
The Kjellanders no longer have the engraving business.

The daughter, Eleonor, has been running a first class art glass gallery
in Stockholm called Nordiska Kristall which features Swedish, Venini and
Daum glass. There is an art glass gallery for unique glass art which is fantastic.

Eleonor recently told me her grandfather Lars signed all his work with
Lars Kjellander while the brothers just signed the works Kjellander.

The Lars and his brothers were excellent copper wheel engravers.

Thank you, Ivo and Bill.

So my piece which is just signed Kjellander would be by the brothers and not Lars Kjellander, correct?

Bill G:
That was my understanding.


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