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Harrach 1860 'Etruscan' or Classical vase-huge 14" tall my oldest piece

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flying free:
I've found Brian's article in the Czech/Bohemian section with his pair of vases so I'll do a link on that thread and here as well.,48475.msg273260.html#msg273260

 I believe this is one of the same set but a slightly different shape and a different decoration.
This vase measures 14" in height (35.5cm) and weighs 2 3/4lb or 1.2kg.
 It dates to 1860 from what Brian has said.
The decoration is nearly immaculate with all the gilding still bright and shiny on both the pictures. The only wear is to the gilded bands. The base has some shiny patches where I think  it was once polished but has now almost completely worn matt.
Apart from two French  pieces (an opaline cake stand and a Clichy jug, both damaged)and a uranium opaline lustre which may be older I think this is my oldest piece ;D

flying free:
more close ups

Well found ;D without that link I'd have said Richardsons or S&W's ;D ;D

Me too  ;D

flying free:
Thanks  :) there are some differences between what is id'd as Richardson's in CH British Glass and this vase, now I've looked at them all quite closely.  However, I thought I'd got the hang of distinguishing them until I came across the vase on page 100 plate 72 - I'd have thought that was Bohemian, but it's obviously it isn't that easy   :-\
I'm pretty sure this is part of the Harrach set that Brian has found in the books, but I suppose it might not be.  It's rather risque I think  ;) she is partly clad, he is obviously proud of his 6 pack  ;D


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