Author Topic: Walther 'Atlantik' amber trinket sets with short, stubby candlestick variant.  (Read 668 times)

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I've now come across two separate Walther 'Atlantik' trinket sets, both in amber glass, with short, stubby candlesticks (and without a flat drip plate below the cup).

The other sets I've seen have all had the 'normal' taller 170mm pattern 36021 candlesticks with a flat drip plate below the cup as shown in the 1937 Walther musterbuch (see photo of uranium green set for comparison).

Has anyone seen the shorter candlestick variants in a colour other than amber?

Do the short variants have a different catalogue number?

(Permission for re-use of the image of the first amber set on the GMB granted by nursegreenwhippet) .



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