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Can anyone help me with this, please ?

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This small pitcher ? has been sitting in my cabinet for so long now that I don't remember what is was sold to me as.  Any thoughts all of you out there might have would be appreciated.

Thank you.



Hi Ellen

This does appear to be close to Ysart glass possibly Strathearn yet I suspect it is not.

I am going to move this to the Glass forum for alternative suggestions.

It looks like Murano, V Nason to me.   :?


--- Quote from: "Max" ---It looks like Murano, V Nason to me.

--- End quote ---

Exactly what I thought too Max, until I saw the match striker that Frank has posted, in a poll, on the Ysart forum.   :?  :? Now I am just pure confused.

Only my humble opinion, but it doesn't feel like matchstriker Frank posted on Ysart.  Something about the almost Hammerite-d aventurine and the flow up the body, not to mention the Italianesque scrolled arms all say Italian to me.

Only an opinion though!  :)


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