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Caithness Vase - Post Xanadu?

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Just bought a Caithness vase. At first I thought it was Xanadu but getting home to mark Hill's book I see they never made this shape in that range - page 35 shows a vase same design as this same hieght and with that polished rim, says post Xanadu, trial range only sold in factory shops. This has the blue Caithness sticker but more interesting is the white bar code on the base which looks as if it were a shop piece, unless it is for the factory shop. What do others think - its a beautiful and heavy vase and I got it for a snip.


I've certainly seen this design, it's lovely and rather more sophisticated than Xanadu!
It's cased, which Xanadu isn't, and the colours are more subtle. It is later.
What's bothering me is I can't remember if the bits I've seen have purple bottoms. I'm positive Christine's got one - and she's got the book, I'm sure she will be able to elaborate a little more than I can.

Superb piece, well done! ;D

Mine (now with Ivo) was a bowl

Thanks. Interesting to see the bowl. This would suggest it was a definite range? To add to the confusion, Millers Collectables 2010-11 calls it Xanadu, which as already said I don't think these are. I think they are lovely and not that often seen and similar, but .... It would be great to find out more.


nigel benson:
Would checking the lender, and/or editor credits for that issue of Miller's help at all??



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