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Pressed & cut bowl / platter - ID = Franz Wittwer

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 Has anyone got any info on this bowl? I purchased it as part of a lot at auction, it was the jobling celery vase they stood in it that I really wanted. I haven't got a clue even if it is old or new (but suspecting new) there doesn't seem to be much wear on the bottom.
 It is 14.5 inches in diameter, stands 3 inches high and weighs 6 lb. It seems to be part pressed and part cut.

Looks great filled with water and floaty candles though!


Hi Lou
What makes you suspect new ?
Which parts do you think are cut ? Are they somewhat sharp to the touch ?

Hi peter,
 I suspect it is new as there isn't any wear on the bottom. The diameter of this bowl would make it difficult to find a display cupboard to put it in for protection. I think it is the type of piece that would be kept on a table, and would be shifted about , causing wear to the bottom. It may be that it is older, but I feel it is new!!!
 The parts that are cut are the petals on the flowers and the flower part of the thistle design the stem of the thistle is pressed then there is the cut section for the body of the thistle and at the top of each thistle there are 7 points which are again pressed .  There are 'dimples' moulded into the design where the cut-detail was to be placed. The finish is slightly sharper than the rest.
 The rim of the bowl is undulating with 6 high pointy bits, then 2 lower pointy bits.
 I spend a lot of time researching my collection on the net, and I haven't seen a bowl quite like this before!
Thankyou for your interest!

Hi Lou, may I ask where you are situated?

It should be European.

First idea was Wittwer, who supplied this incredible combination of pressed and cut and polished patterns all in one piece during the Twenties.

Yours after all is a beautiful bowl - but there still is a marriage of styles, production processes and fashion in it which lets me think it could be temporary Polish glass?

Just an opinion  :?

This is the type of dish that would be kept wrapped/boxed in a cupboard for most of its life so lack of wear is no big deal.

Wittwer made the shape, had flowers with cross hatched centres and the border frieze but I do not see this actual overall design.


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