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Flygsfors Maleras Sweden Bowl Designed by Folke Walving


Thought I would post the details of this bowl for future reference.

Mats Jonasson's current company 'Mats Jonasson Maleras Sweden' kindly provided me with some interesting background on the bowl after showing the pictures to Mats Jonasson. To paraphrase, these bowls are part of a series called 'Nebula' and were produced roughly around 1960 and designed by Folke Walving. Part of the group of glassworks called "Flygsforsgruppen" and there were 3 glassworks in that group: Flygsfors, Gadderas and Maleras. That group unfortunately went into banktruptcy in 1970.

Just to add for reference, the bowl is signed ''Flygsfors Maleras FW Sweden''
Measures 9 inches in diameter and weighs a rather weighty 2.2kg for its size.

The bowl has a randomly textured feel to the underside and also has what is probably best described as a very subtle/random crazing effect to the underside surface. The bowl also has a very subtle grey/smoky colouration predominately in and around the random texture/bubbles to the underside.


A lovely bowl Greg, and fascinating info - thanks for sharing! ;D

Thanks Sue :) , although completely unrelated the random texture to the outside and smoky grey colouration actually reminded me a little of the Wayne Filan studio piece I have.

Have you shown me your Wayne Filan, Greg - and have I shown you mine?

What are you going to do with this bowl? If it were mine, it would be sitting in the middle of a table, set off nicely with fruit in it. It deserves to be shown-off and displayed, but on its own might be a little bland.
The right fruits in the right quantities and colours would overcome any blandness, show the fruit off and give it good reason to occupy the centre stage of the middle of a room.
I use a gorgeous Ed and Margaret Burke fruit bowl.  :)

Hi Sue, a little unsure what do with this one at present, space has become a bit of a problem lately and I hate to store pieces away as they deserve to be shown/displayed. The Wayne Filan piece is the one that was on GMB  a while back, shown at the end of the thread below. I think it will sit quite nicely next to this Maleras piece for the time being, I'll try to pop up a pic of the two together.  :),28319.20.html


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