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Acid etched mark AAT - Correction IVV

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Glass geometric bowl, looks to be 1930 French. Acid etched mark is "AAT." Can anyone tell me what the mark might represent? Thanks.

Picture of the piece always helps, one of the mark too. Is the mark framed, unframed, script, block, intertwined etcetera or combinations of those?
Here is a photo of the etched acid mark. Looking at it again, I may be reading it upside down?

Hi David,
What are we looking at here?
The colour is familiar, but I would not like to make either uninformed or informed comment with no view of the item. Is it Victorian, Empire, Art Deco, modernist, post-war, pre-war? Not all marks are recorded, though there may be residual knowledge.
The image of the piece helps us with time lines, allowing folk to eliminate those styles inconsistent with such a mark.
Thanks and regards,
Le Casson

Made by
IVV Industria Vetreria Valdarnese, Valdarno Italy
50km from Florence

Industrial scale manufacturer
I suspect a highly automated plant
Nice quality at very reasonable prices - supplier to TK Max


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