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Author Topic: Libochovice Preening Duck and Bowl  (Read 668 times)

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Libochovice Preening Duck and Bowl
« on: September 26, 2012, 04:42:49 AM »
Hello again,

I just picked up this set on eBay yesterday, and I am after opinions on the bowl that was part of it. It is 13" wide, and has an internal recessed depression for the figure, with very little space around it for movement. It has a faceted edge to the base underneath. The detail of the bowl shown in the Libochovice catalogue, with the Preening Duck, is a little bit hard to determine, to assess if the bowl I acquired is the same bowl as in the catalogue. I think it has some similarities.

I know Sue has a different bowl with the Preening Duck on her 'black-poppy' site, but I believe her's is smaller in diameter. If anyone has access to better images of the Libochovice catalogue showing the duck and the bowl, I would love to obtain more information as to the authenticity of my set.

Hope to hear from someone.

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Re: Libochovice Preening Duck and Bowl
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2012, 07:20:11 AM »
Hi Neil
That is definately the bowl that is in the catalogue image so I am sure it is the correct marriage.
I used to have the duck in a large bowl that had wide frosted panels-the one that the penguin comes in.
There is also another float bowl by Libo that has frosted flowers and fruit in the centre that I have seen the duck in.
I did once see this duck in amber frosted glass and it looked stunning!
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