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Trinket set pieces with shield-shaped, podium-topped detail – Mystery Set #121

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Lidded amber pressed-glass trinket pot.  The lid has a flattened spade- or shield-shaped finial with a stepped- or podium-shaped top (rather like that on the Walther ‘Hubertus’ pot lids). The top of the lid has a series of concentric rings above radial ridges, and the ridges extend vertically down the pot sides (quite different to the Hubertus pots in the 1935 musterbuch).

Ringholder has sides with matching vertical ridges.

Candlesticks have a body shaped like the shield-shaped pot finial, and the base has concentric rings above vertical ridges to match the pot lid.

Candlesticks also in green glass.

IDs, comments or suggestions, please?

(Permission for re-use of the images of the amber pieces on the GMB granted by shaunandgromitresideshere, and the green candlesticks by torill01)

I see that Pamela has the lidded pot (in pink) as one of her 'unknowns':

As promised!

Anne... here is the photo of the trinket set I believe to be by Reich...the vases certainly are catalogued...unfortunately the tray was broken in transit  :'( as you can see it glows beautifully under UV

There are some more examples of pieces to this pattern shown on the GTS site shown as Mystery #121 at

A blue glass version (including the tray) is shown, along with pieces in green and amber.

A putative Reich ID is interesting, Angela.



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