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My Gran ran a pub in Perth during 50s and 60s and was given these as Babycham promotional box set (sadly box lost). I believe that Vasart had a contract from Pirelli to decorate the glasses.

Yes but so did several other companies over the long life of the product. Nazeing also made some of the blanks, but not all. The company has no historical records of their glass decorators.

Angela B:
Hi Gary,
Your glasses are almost certainly Vasart or Pirelli - its a long and fascinating story. Feel around in the bottom of your glasses. Do you feel a rough patch? If so that was done with a diamond drill during the late 1950s or 1960s and both Vasart and Pirelli did this as well as attaching and firing the decoration and the gold rims. The purpose of the rough patch was to encourage the bubbles to start from the bottom. I have some great first hand accounts of this which will be in my book on London Lampworkers which I hope to have finished soon.
The glass itself wasn't made at Vasart nor Pirelli. They bought in the glasses mostly Pilkington's Ravenhead but also from elsewhere probably including Nazeing.
Take care of that set - pity about the box.

Hi Angela
Thanks for the info, the glasses do indeed have a rough patch at the bottom of each glass.
Also the bottle of Babycham that came with the set has the date 1960 on the label.

ive seen the boxes on ebay in the past, be nice to get one to complete your set


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