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First off, I'll apologise for the grubbiness of the vase and the poor lighting in the photos - I've spent all day wandering around Swinderby antiques fayre and all evening fixing a clock I bought there, so I'm too exhausted to do much about either problem for now! Zzzz.  :D

I bought the vase mostly just because I was curious about who made it, and partly because it's pretty (or rather has the potential to be, once all the grime has been washed off!) and cost £4.  :lol:

The signature on the bottom has mostly been worn away, and I can only make out the numbers for certain: 3210-14. And the initials before this might be F.W. / T.W. - but I may very well be wrong! I'm reasonably sure the last letter is W. though.

I also bought a tall mystery signed engraved neodymium vase from the same stall, for much the same reasons - I'll post a picture tomorrow when I'm more awake!  :lol:

Folke Walwing?  I don't know...seems unlikely somehow.  It's Orrefors isn't it though?

I thought that Orrefors was a possibility, but it's not really my field so I didn't want to say one way or t'other. The stallholder did have quite a few Orrefors pieces, though. No idea whatever on the artist, though!  :oops:

Could be TW/  Wirkkala ?. I have quite a number of oval section vases which seem to have been made by everyone. I have them by Gullaskruf, Johansfors, Sea Glasbruk, Leerdam, VSL and Iittala - and a few unidentified ones which may or may not be engraved on Kosta blanks.  The numbers on these go all over the place - I've given up trying to ID them.

Kosta was my other thought for this.

These types of oval engraved vases do seem to be fast becoming the staple stock of the glass sellers at antiques fayres - although usually they want £50+ for them, even if they have no idea who designed them.... or perhaps especially if they don't know!


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