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Holmegaard Per Lutken Ice Blue Cylinder vase - what range?


Hi - this is a fairly recent acquisition.
21.5cms high x 5.5cms wide across the top . It gives an optical illusion of being more curved than it is.

Fairly heavy base wear. marked to base Holmegaard PL 18121.

Have been trawling Hardernet to try and identify it.
Looks to me like the cylinder vase shown with the Rondo range (catalogue picture at bottom)  - or possibly the torpedeo vase shown in the Hellas range. Can anyone help to confirm which it is please - or what it is if neither of those is correct?


It's a shape that floats in and out of different series, depending on the colour it was made in - so technically it's from the 'Aqua' series c/o the aqua blue colourway. It doesn't have a name of its own.

Designed about 1957, if memory serves.

Thanks Nick,  much appreciated


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