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Kralik Finds

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I took a little trip to the States last weekend and of course did a little glass hunting.
I managed to find a piece that has been on my “want list” for a while now, Kralik Blue Swirl. It is a substantial piece, standing 8” high with a 4” base. The colour of the blue and the ground colour are quite strong. It also has a strong iridescence.

The other two pieces were antique mall finds that were relegated to the bottom of a clearance shelf. There were some nice pieces on this shelf but all were damaged except for these two pieces. The second piece is known as a Kralik Ball Vase, 7” high and the third piece is Kralik as well, Blue Overshot with a Green coil, 6” high.


Forgot the other 2 pics.

Well Done Mac all three are gorgeous .  jp

Three great finds,still searching for one of those ball vases ;D ;D

 :o Eeeeek - if I ever find one, I'll kick it your direction Keith.  ;) I couldn't miss that in a crowded roomfull of glass, despite my best efforts. ;D
I love the other two pieces.


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