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Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik WMF glass dish


Hi can anyone offer me any information on this lovely plate please?[

At a hunch I would say that is from after they stopped making glass and started buying it in - so rather recent. I've been unable to follow what they bought from whom to supply they outlets - it used to be Zwiesel but realistically it could be anything. They are no longer a producer but a dealer.

flying free:
that vaguely reminds me of a cheese plate/board I had that was by Ingridglas.  I will see if I can find any pics of it to compare.
this was the thread.. I can't see your picture clearly to compare but it might be helpful - would it be possible please to upload your picture directly to the board as otherwise they get lost in time to come?  many thanks,33834.msg183059.html#msg183059

dead link, picture not visible any more


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