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old weight? Purple whorl canes round yellow whorl cane centre, red whorl canes

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flying free:
I hesitated to buy this and it's not in a great state, but just did because of the purple centre and I love the graphic style of the design - I did think it might be Bohemian (link here to one that has a whorl cane that has 4 white circles in the centre cane 
Some of the purple whorls have 4 white circles and some have 3.
 but now I wonder if it is French maybe? I've found two attributed as Clichy with the three small millefiori in between the singles in the outer row but mostly they seem to have one then two little ones inbetween  :-\ , but they also seem to have done this ochre ish yellow colour and the whorl canes although I've not found an exact match specifically not the purple whorls either.
I think it's quite old maybe?  it has a slightly concave base with a base rim but it's very worn.  The canes are set about a third of the way up the weight on clear,no cushion.
It's small and only measures 1 3/4" wide by 1 1/4" high.
Any thoughts much appreciated and many thanks  :)

flying free:
close up view of white star cane things with the red whorl centre and the little green millefiori.
I found a Baccarat weight with the white flower/star canes and the red whorl centre, but that one the white stems look more like stars and mine look more like flowers less pointy, and the Baccarat one has three white circles in the red whorl and mine has 4  :-\

this one i have attributed to Grenelle has the star canes. just a thought,49300.0.html

flying free:
thanks :) I can see some similarities and will explore  more.
In the meantime I found this weight id'd as a Clichy Checker weight that seems to have the purple whorl canes?
I think you need to scroll down quite a way to the one that has the latticino twist separating the milllefiori.
Maybe I've been looking in the wrong direction...this Clichy chequer weight also has a cane with the purple whorls and another can where the little 'stars'look more like my white little 'flowers' and surround a green whorl cane?


flying free:
I think I've matched that purple and yellow centre here
the one at 6 o'clock on the weight.   So would this date my weight to mid 19th century?


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