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old weight? Purple whorl canes round yellow whorl cane centre, red whorl canes

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My money's n Baccarat, has similar canes to this one of mine currebtly being re polished and about the same size.

flying free:
Thanks Nick  :)
Now I'm looking in a different direction though  ::) I've found that purple whorl cane I think although I can't be sure as it is right on the edge of that Christie's weight and i can't see the middle yellow bit clearly.  I also checked the size and it seems to match as well for Clichy.  The Baccarat white gathered star rods canes doesn't look quite the same on checking them close up  :-\ - and the Baccarat whorls seem to be open ended like a spiral rather than have concentric circles?  I think?? 

flying free:
do the green millefiori flowers round the edge match the one at 9 o'clock in this weight?

close up pic of the green flowers


I think it is a Clichy mini, from the classic period (1845 - 1860). But I do understand the uncertainty as to whether it might be Baccarat - if only these makers had kept their cane styles more distinct!


that has been said before a few designers move to rival companies taking there designs with them. there has to be a crossover somewhere down the line


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