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Author Topic: Coloured Glass and Silver sculptured vase - please help me identify it thanks  (Read 639 times)

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Is there any age-related wear to the base? How it the pontil mark finished off?
Do you have the very close-up close-up setting on your camera? (The flower symbol with the "s" beside it)
I love the colours in the glass and the bubbles - but I cannot see the design/pattern in them clearly, to see how it was produced.

Looking at the silver work, which I can see far more clearly now, I am having a wonder if it might be contemporary, from Thailand. I've seen a lot of fabulous costume jewellery over the last few years, with beautiful "art nouveau" style silverwork around faux jewells and glass.
I've got a necklet, will post a pic.
Cheers, Sue (M)

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Hi thanks for helping here are some more pics
The vase is very very light and the glass is really thin if that helps



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