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Chances blue 'regency' pattern??

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7 inches across,cotswold design in 'star' pattern box with regency pattern in white,can't find what the bear logo is,any ideas please ;D ;D

David E:
Yup, got one  ;D

They are not that uncommon and crop up occasionally. They were made for some Ladies Society (can't remember which one now) based in the Midlands. The bear is the symbol for Warwickshire (which is why the cricket team is called The Bears)  ;)

David E:
Cross-reference to an earlier ID:,28565.msg155086.html#msg155086

 :o :o :o
What a peculiar thing!
I would think it would be some sort of commission, probably related to the logo.
Regency is a pretty, lacy printed pattern that (IMNSHO) clashes violently with the modernity of the strong Cotswold texture...... and the poor bear illustrated is horribly muzzled and with a bit of a tree, something you only see illustrated in things of antiquity, when such cruelty was rampant. I find it very disturbing.

Thanks David,
Sue,I don't mind the two patterns but can't say I'm keen on the bear logo either.


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