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Chances blue 'regency' pattern??

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David E:
Well, it ain't that bad! Not inspiring is how I classified it, but scarce and still collectable to some people. ???

Don't diss the Chance!

Sorry, David.  :-[
I was getting a little bit carried away with conversational theme of disparaging this particular piece. Oxfam will still get my 2 "fine".
(I still find the cruelty aspect of the image very disturbing, even if it is an official heraldic thing.  :-\)

But on a theme of boosting Chance, I lend my copy of "Chance Expressions" to the lovely lady who works in my local library - he sister has collected Chance for quite a while, but didn't know anything about it, or that there was a book even written on it.
Well - she was so impressed and delighted with the book and the chance to read it and find out about her collection, that she gave me a massive great round tin of a certain well-known brand of chocolates as a thank-you. I'd hope she's going to be ordering her own copy. ;)

Talking about books.when can we expect the much awaited arrival of 'Additions' ? ;D ;D ;D ;D

I hope we will see it before our retirement.

I've just edited it for the second and last time (I hope)


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