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Chances blue 'regency' pattern??

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Carolyn Preston:
Are we sure that's a bear. Looks more like a horse to me. And a cartoon horse at that. And certainly doesn't go with the pretty lace pattern.


Added after looking at it again, okay maybe the paws, rather than hoofs, but still...

The head is a bit horsey or is it just grizzly ? ::) ::) ;D ;D
I got it from the RSPCA shop the woman behind the counter thought it was pretty! :o :o

David E:
Definitely the Warwickshire bear. Here a link to the Wikipedia page on the county and you'll see the flag there with the bear and staff.

Hi Keith
I have been tried to flog this plate in box for 1 in table sale two weeks ago. But no taker. Wrong people????


David E:
Personally, I don't think it's a piece that really inspires, to be honest, except to someone interested in Chance glassware. I have also placed the caveat in the new book:

Scarcity does not necessarily equate to collectability



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