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is this a Webb Corbett p/w?

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Morning all,

as you know by now weights are not my usual thing  ;) and unless they are signed or have other obvious ID features I'm pretty much stuck

however, in the paperweights unlimited chapter of the 20th century british glass book there is a plate with what looks remarkably like one of these.....can anyone confirm please?

windows are concave, weight is 424g  4.8cm tall x 7cm wide (approx)

many thanks


Hi Mel.

I think that is a Webb Corbett piece, though whether it was made when they were independant or (later) owned by Royal Doulton I could not say.


great news, thanks Alan  ;D

Hi Mel

Yes agree with Alan again ! Its Webb Corbett. They come in a variety of flash overlay colours although blue is by far the most common and many have different designs incised  into the base rather than the star pattern that yours has. Seahorse and ships wheel are common designs

Best regards


thank you Derek for confirmation with Alan on ID and the additional info, much appreciated



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