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Is this Vasart or Strathearn ? 13 spoke, dark blue dome ,ground base

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flying free:
I've been going round in circles with this weight.  Because of the colour of the dome and the finish on the base and the cane design and types of canes, I've come down on the side of Vasart. I had wondered if it might be a Paul Ysart weight as it fits well with one of his (at least I think it is) that I do have, but it has differences so I came down on the side of Vasart rather than Strathearn.  I've taken all the pictures by natural daylight which isn't good today I'm afraid.
Measures 3 1/8" wide approx by 2 1/2" high
Would I be right in thinking Vasart and what decade might it be please?
Thanks for looking  :)

flying free:
canes - it wouldn't let me upload a bigger pic but the yellow middles in the beige canes are whorls open ended as opposed to tubes.
and the yellow middles in the blue canes second row from outside are tiny yellow flowers.  The outer orange canes seem to have a very dark horizontal striped middle to them, but I can't get it to show.
I'll try and add a pic of the base.
p.s. I think the one on the left of my comparison pic above a Strathearn.


Hi m

I would vote for early Strathearn, but not with complete confidence, as it was basically the same people using many of the same canes that made late Vasart and early Strathearn. 


flying free:
Thanks Alan.  My musing and confusion over it was the colour of the glass which is blue (hopefully seen in the dome comparison shot as a fairly good likeness to colour).  I had thought that by the time of Strathearn the colour of the glass was a lot paler/whiter , but the canes and the  way they are configured and even the base made me think Strathearn.  I'm going to have another good go at trying to match the latticino twists - I've not been able to match the canes so far.  But then there are so many to go through and I'm trying to compare one at a time.
Thanks again

Hi m

The problem about matching canes or lattincino twists as Alan says, is that the workers AND canes moved with the factory - Vasart,  Strathearn and even Perthshire paperweights have been found with canes/twists from a previous factory.

Looking at the base of your weight,  there are none of the characteristic marks you would expect to see on a PY base. The base of yours is firepolished  which means its most likely to be Strathearn but could just be late Vasart. Looking at the very neat setup I am with Alan - early Strathearn.

The dark glass is usually caused by too much decolouriser (manganese or sodium nitrate) being added to the batch. Vasart and Strathearn would not have disgarded a batch of metal just because it had too much decolouriser although I agree that its less common to see dark glass in Strathearn weights.

Hope this helps

Best regards



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