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Is this Vasart or Strathearn ? 13 spoke, dark blue dome ,ground base

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Yes, definitely a fire polished base on yours, M.
Yes, I agree with an attribution of: Strathearn but maybe late Vasart Ltd.

Regarding the canes:
--- Quote ---... the yellow middles in the beige canes are whorls open ended as opposed to tubes.
--- End quote ---
Really!! I have never seen a whorl cane used in any Vasart (Ysart Brothers), Vasart Ltd. or Strathearn weight. Can you get a macro image of one or two of those canes (maybe even taking a photo through a hand-held magnifyer would help)?

2. Whenever I see the use of many of those canes that look like "snowflakes", or "stars/cogs with castelated points" (i.e. three points to each of the main points) my mind automatically locks in to "probably a Vasart Ltd. or Strathearn" weight. In fact at one point I used to believe, with no proper reason, that it indicated a Strathearn cane. Then I began to see that cane design in Vasart Ltd. weights. And then I noted a few in some Ysart Brothers (Vasart) weights! So, just like looking at base finishes etc., specific cane features can also be a bit of a problem when taken on their own.

Also, as an aside, please note that weight No. 15 in my article linked to above should be noted as being a PP1 from Perthshire Paperweights. I should have changed the attribution some time ago!

flying free:
Hi Kev
Many thanks :)  I also thought that cane was a Strathearn cane I must admit, but I think I found one under Vasart paperweight somewhere so that probably added to my possibly thinking it might be. I've sent you an email with a high resolution picture on it that you should be able to enlarge to see them.  If you don't receive it please let me know.

The possible whorl cane.

From the photos sent to me by M, I have cropped parts a created separate images for study here. The first two are of separate examples of the whole cane, with the possible whorl in the central element.

The other four images (next post) have been enlarged from the detail of a close-up photo and tweaked to try bring out the detail more clearly.

I think the "whorl" is actually a collapsed tube of yellow over clear with a yellow rod in the centre. But I can see the reason for this to be a possible whorl cane.

What do other folk think?

Anyone fancy studying the detail of their Vasart / Strathearn weights to see if a clear example of a whorl cane can be found?

And ...

I don't see this as being a whorl, intentionally anyway. 


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