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Is this Vasart or Strathearn ? 13 spoke, dark blue dome ,ground base

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flying free:
thanks Kev, you've done a great job :)
I see what you mean about a collapsed tube over a yellow rod.
The effect under magnification is how you've pictured them. I can't see any clear but perhaps that' swhat it is, a thin central rod with a tube around it and it's got squashed at the top so you can't see the clear surrounding the rod (if I've understood you correctly?) - Mind you in reality it is absolutely minute so it's very difficult to see anything without the magnification on the computer, but it stood out for some reason and made me look more closely at it.

flying free:
Last question I promise :) did Strathearn make 'hollow' canes?  despite my earlier comment that they have striped going across them, having looked more closely even, the orange outer canes have a bluey/purply striped 'lining' to the orange outers but the inside is either clear glass or completely hollow, I guess clear glass.
thanks for your patience

Hi M

You are correct its clear glass.

Making hollow tubing is a VERY time consuming and difficult process and therefore
costly. Given the rate that Strathearn churned out their PW's and the price they
got for them, hollow canes would not have been on the agend.

To give you some idea of the output of Strathearn millefiori paperweights there
were 6 girls doing nothing but setting up the paperweights and each glassmaker
was expected to make 100 PWs every shift.

Best regards



I once had around 450 Strathearn paperweights - spokes and closepacks. I saw just about every possible combination of colours and clear glass and shapes and layers in the canes in them , so I would not rule out anything!


flying free:
 Derek thank you for your information - I find all those details really interesting - and just wow!  On an 8 hour shift that's 12  per hour ish, 5minutes per paperweight or less ...really??  :o amazing.

Alan, do you mean it could be hollow?  it does look hollow (but then the yellow ones look like a whorls on the inside  to me lol)- I'm trying to get the best angle to see if I can find any reflection of the top of the cane but so far it still looks hollow.


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