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Is this Vasart or Strathearn ? 13 spoke, dark blue dome ,ground base

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I doubt very much it would be hollow: that would mean it would be filled with air at pickup, and you would get large bubbles over the cane on encasement. And it would look silvery now if full of air.  Even the tiny air channels that are sometimes left between canes cause bubbles - hence the seemingly regular array of tiny bubbles on the cushion of some weights.


Hi M

Yes it sounds amazing, a weight every 5 minutes, but its true. Dave Moir told me and he was at Ysart Brothers then Vasart and
finally Strathearn from the day it opened until the day they stopped making the Strathearn brand there in 1980. 

Dave has also confirmed that they definitely did NOT use hollow canes !

Factory production of paperweights produces some amazing figures - at its peak in the mid 1990's Caithness was producing
150,000 paperweights a year from 18 chairs! Even the much smaller operation at Selkirk Glass was making 25,000 a year at its peak.

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flying free:
Thanks :) I love all this detail and information and am grateful you take the time to impart it, it adds another dimension of interest for me.


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