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Is this Vasart or Strathearn ? 13 spoke, dark blue dome ,ground base

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M meant the dark blue; not greyish clear glass.

flying free:
 ;D no, I did mean the dome colour which actually is blue not greyish clear , I just didn't explain myself very well.

Thanks Derek.  So probably Strathearn all things considered, but possibly Vasart -
The two things that cross over unless I've misunderstood what I've been reading is the colour of the dome but also the base finish.
Looking at Kev's site, I think the base looks like the one's id as button finish so I'm confused - there is evidence of grinding on If you scroll down to base finish it looks like the one that appears under Button base left hand side no 2  :-\
I'm sure it's just me wanting it to be Vasart rather than Strathearn  :-[ and I do see the canes indicate Strathearn probably  :-\ 

flying free:
Sorry, ignore my comment above about the base...I've just enlarged the pictures on Kev's site massively and it does look as though it's a fire polished base.  Apologies Derek.

Hi m

I spoke to Dave Moir on this topic last year. Dave worked at Ysart brothers, Vasart and Strathearn from 1954 - 1980 when Strathearn was taken over by Stuarts and the Strathearn brand came to an end.

He told me that fire polishing first came in towards the end of Vasart but by no means all the late weights were fire polished.  At Strathearn he was positive that ALL weights were firepolished.

The grinding done at Vasart was very cursory - it was basically just to remove the sharp edges where the weight was knocked off the iron. The grinding marks left a frosted surface which to my knowledge was never polished  (unless of course anyone knows different!).

It appears from the base picture of your weight as if it is just firepolished with the central area smooth but snapped off. If the central area had been ground then it would have a frosted appearance but you can see the canes clearly through the centre of your weight.

I think we should await further comment from Kev.


flying free:
Derek you are right - see my apology in the post above yours   :)
And thank you for the added information.  I will get it right one day, it's all a learning curve  ;D but for now it fits very nicely where it's supposed to be, matching my other.


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