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I love the fact that most of my glass has history, even if I don't know who made it. When we were in Scotland we went on a Land Rover safari up Glen Tilt along the very track Queen Victoria trotted on her pony. Now I've plenty of places I know she's been, but this made/and still makes her seem real to me.

Carolyn Preston:
Cool! I remember on my one (and only so far) trip to Scotland, I was in Holyrood Palace. An American (as evidenced by their accent) behind me excitedly asked the guide where the blood stains from Rizzio's murder where. After he told them where, they scurried off to see them. I quipped to the guide that he had neglected to tell them it was really from the cleaning lady who had hurt herself the previous week. I mean really, who believes blood stains wouldn't get faded after 430 years.


Hi David E
Apologies! I didn't see that post. The downloads link looks absolutely fact-filled, so thank you very much for pointing me towards this treasure trove of information, and I am soo sorry it has taken me 4 years to respond!!
Better late than never :-)
Kind regards


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