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John Airlie Kirkhill Glass Scotland perfume bottle

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Just thought I would share these photos I know Shiona is a member and may be interested. Only seen a few examples of vases over the years never one with a stopper before. It's 7" high including the stopper.

Knowing a little about John Airlie and his contribution to glass making in general and even less about Scottish glass but retaining a good memory from some long forgotten posts I had read on here in the past and appeals for examples of his work. Dare I say (which is quite unusual for me) I was quite excited when I spotted this piece at the weekend knowing immediately what is was. Even had no qualms about handing over my hard earned cash, which I never do lightly but based on the theory I know I will never get my money back but it looks quite an usual example with the huge stopper so 'I'll take one for the team' and of course  'cause it was signed and labelled the seller immediately assumed it was worth a small fortune.
So quite deflated to look in today and find it all ready 'relegated' to the 'annals' of page 2 with only a hand full of viewings and no replies.
A lesson learned, in future don't buy glass on a sentimental whim stick to my old adage 'glass is profit', or of course stick it in British glass where it will hover around for a lot longer  ;D

It is a lovely perfume bottle Chris, and I was surprised that non of the Scottish glass enthusiats had acknowledged or commented on it.  It seems the complete antithesis of the reason for having this forum??

Perhaps one of the mods would be good enough to alert Shiona to this thread as she is a member?
It would be a shame for her not to be told about it. It wouldn't take a minute, and could make her very happy.

You and me too Rosie how odd? then again it may have just 'slipped' through the net maybe with hindsight I should put it in British glass?
Thanks anyway for taking the time to make a comment, appreciated.

Have mailed Shiona.

It is a lovely piece and the thread should be in British Glass.


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