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John Airlie Kirkhill Glass Scotland perfume bottle

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I think Chris mentioned earlier in the thread that this could have gone into British Glass, Frank,  but decided that less people would be less likely to see it as for the most part, many of us tend to graduate to 'Glass' to see what is new...

Been away folks, hence the delay. It is a lovely perfume bottle and you should treasure it. Neither Mum or myself had any as the stoppers were such a nuisance (I am being polite) to make that Dad produced very few. I finally managed to buy two on e-bay but they rarely appear on the market. Many thanks for letting me know about it - another one for the family archive.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to comment.
I did try through this board to get your attention on this piece Shiona and despite the obvious importance of John's work and the general interest in British glass and Scottish glass in particular through this board, apart from Rosemary sadly I received no help or interest  whatsoever with this piece.

You know as much about John Airle as I do, Chris.
There is some info. on Scotland's Glass, the rest you will find searching here.
I've been reading the thread in the hope of learing myself.
Assuming a lack of interest because there are no comments is inappropriate.

Sue, I think it is YOUR comments here are inappropriate. 

Chris was NOT asking for information,  he was simply sharing his find with us all, and quite rightly expected a degree of enthusiasm and some positive comments on this beautiful piece.
His ultimate goal was to ensure that Shiona was aware of it. And quite rightly when she did see it described it as being a piece to treasure.

Chris's comments on the apparent lack of interest from those we would all expect to be thrilled to have the chance to see this piece, are, sadly, very true.
Had YOU found it and listed it as a 'show and tell', I feel certain that you would have been as hurt as I suspect Chris was.
He has a website that he freely gives access to all of you here on the GMB and I for one am getting rather irritated by the lack of appreciation given for this.


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